Mass Media

The activities undertaken by Mass Media Ministry are the following:--

1) We have transelated Devotional Songs from Malayalam to Hindi.

2) We have transelated Vestition Ceremony from Malayalam to Hindi.

3) Many Devotional Songs are composed by our sisters and they are used for Novenas Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jisus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Litany etc.

4) Our Province is publishing a News Bulletin " Jagat Matha Samachar " .

5) A Hand Book for Ward-Prayer is prepared.

6) Sister Suma has given 40 days Lenten Preparation Talks in the Athma Darshan TV Channel of Indore, Prathna Bhawan Channel of Punjab, CMC Vision of Aluva, CMC a2z Channel of Aluva, Jagat Matha Communications Jagdalpur and Niramal Voice, a CMI Venture of Jagdalpur, Advand Preparation Talks, Dramatic Action of Chavarul of St. Chavara, Dramatisation of Way of the Cross with reflection and comantary, Thought for the day for the families of our Parishes, Daily Gospel Message, introducing the Saint of the Time for defferent occasions.

7) Being the year dedicated to St. Joseph, during the Novena days 9 Virtues of St. Joseph was presented through acting and uploaded in Jagat Matha Province Youtube Channel.