Social Work

            For the better functioning of Social Work the secretariat had made the action plan for Social Work. In each Community one or two sisters are selected as Animators for better Functioning. Target Groups are prepared with various activities. Through House visit we have Found out the needy person. A group formed to help widows, single and pregnent ladies. For Unmarrid Youth arrange awarness classes about Family life and helped them to found out their life partener. The families are made to aware about the income generation activities in order to avoid migration to other state.

             For women, gave free seed for kitchen garden to improve the quality of living and skills devolopment. Tailoring for women and youth programmes helped them to be become self sufficient. We have a Tailoring centre to train villlage youth for their livelyhood.

            Auto -Rickshaw drivers Association is formed in pizhak Community in Kerala. Timely Awarness Programmes and classes are  given to them and their skills are devoloped. There are 14 people in their group. During Covid-19, all the Communities of sisters are made available to help the poor and needy. 6 sisters gave their name to work as a volunteers.

           The village people who didn't have enough food to feed their stomach, no chance to work any where, not enough cloth, in order  to help them our institutions collected money, cloth and food materials are provided for them direct or through police department and other Educational department. We distributed provisional kit to the people.

           Marriage help, educational help, constracting house and medical treatments are made available for poor and needy.

           For the protection of environment, awarness given about the hazards of plastic. Our institutions are made free, from platic carry bags and gudka free.