Healing Ministry

  • For the better Functioning of Healing Ministry the Secretariat formed core team members and selected Animators in each community. 
  • Through House visit found out old age people and gave them care, protection and support.
  • Paliative care given to the bedridden patients at home and awarness given to the family members.
  • Counseling and guidence are given to pregnant ladies.
  • Besides we have done the help for the needy and sick, during covid - 19.
  • We do not have any Hospital Facilities or dispensaries.
  • Our Nurses are doing their service in Social Work and otherr activities.
  • One of our Sister Dr. Linda is rendering her sevice in Diocesian Hospital Named Mar Paulinose Memorial Hospital (M.P.M) Jagdalpur.  
  • Now Sisters are doing their sevice in Jail Ministry.