Faith Formation

You will  be my witnesses not only in Jesusalem but throughout   Judea and Samaria , and indeed to the ends of the  earth . “ Acts 1:8

            “ The Church was born Catholic , that is , ‘Symphonic ‘ from her very origins perfected to evangelization  and encounters with all  , She was born ‘ Outward – bound’ , that is , missionary .( Pope Francis )

               We the members of Jagat Matha , keeping in mind the greatest responsibilities  to be the witnesses  of Jesus not  only in home state but  as our Pope Francis     explains we are  also born in the church by our very  consecration to be a missionary . 

            A missionary through Faith formation 

10 % of sisters are set apart for the  Faith  Formation  team  to give  effective  Christian  formation for the people .

  • Few members of the  team gave training to our desiring  sisters and their work is extended  to our schools and families of different Parishes .
  • Training  and guidelines for  family visit were given to our sisters  and  also to the sister of  other  congregations like D.B.S  and St. Martha’s .  
  •  “  We  make  ourselves  available  for  family  counselling and  personal  counselling ( youth , teachers , students , formees and  seminarians ) .
  •  In order to equip  others to build up the church , we train sisters  , catechists  & leaders of the villages .
  • Our F.F.T conducts retreat for different groups of   people( parishes , seminarians formees , religious , youth  ) in different states and dioceses .
  • We  conduct pre – Marriage  courses  joining with the  commission for family apostolate .
  • We  have made a group of families in the parishes name  “ Leaven “ ( Leaven in the parish and church ) they do intercessory     prayer . They are   given refreshment classes and daily  receive a word of God and  other  timely  spiritual matters  through media , thus they  become the partakers of our mission .
  • We also conduct  prayer session and impart  values for nurses of the hospitals .
  • We celebrate our great  feast  like of St. Chavara & St. Eeuphrasia  in school and in parishes making use of media .